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August 9, 2006 Zac White apple events

Oh man. WWDC is amazing. How to begin…

First off, I’m learning so much. Every session I go to gets me so excited about the future of the Mac platform. They are taking it the the absolute right direction. The tools they are giving us are going to put this great power right at our fingertips to just make amazing applications. One thing that is going to really change the way a lot of us do things is Core Animation. This is a great little framework that is going to allow for some beautiful interface elements. I personally can’t wait until we are in a Leopard only environment.

Last night was Stump The Experts. Let me say that this was an absolute blast. The basic format is there is a panel of “experts” (usually past or present Apple employees) and they ask questions of the audience and get questions asked of them from the audience. Answers answered correctly get points. Of course it isn’t exactly a structured game show, so there is a lot of room for fun along the way. My hostel roommate “stumped” the experts by asking how Viennese people joyfully say “I have an apple!”. Next year I will have a dizzying battery of questions and will not only stump, they will mystify.

San Francisco is great city. It is beautiful and there is a huge range of people here. I am meeting so many neat people at my hostel. Chad was from Australia and has been on a 7 week tour of the US by jumping from city to city. He gets great satisfaction from shooting Kangaroos. I instructed him to shoot one for me. My roommate goes to a technical university in Vienna and a couple other attendees I know are from Norway. This is truly a multi-culteral affair. As I write this, the man next to me is speaking a language I really have never heard before.

I have taken some pictures and I will try to post them somewhere and update this to link to them. I have to go now because my next session is starting soon. I can tell you this right now though. I am coming back next year.