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WWDC Predictions

June 6, 2010 Zac White apple

It’s a little last minute, but here are my 100% correct predictions.

iPhone HD

Well, duh.


Haven’t heard much about this, but Apple isn’t going to announce a new product with a new feature (front-facing camera) and not come out with software that takes advantage of it. If you think they’ll just have a little switch in the camera app for front or back, you’re crazy.

I’m guessing it will be available on the App Store instead of being part of 4.0.

iBooks for iPhone

I correctly predicted that iBooks would become available for iPhone so why wouldn’t you believe me when I say it’ll be available tomorrow or shortly there after. You know, after Apple gets through the approval process.

Turn by Turn

Haven’t heard one peep about this…but I think Apple is going to at least demo some turn-by-turn features in Maps. Perhaps even debut it as a separate app.

Free iPhone for Attendees

Maybe this is just wishful thinking, but there are a few signs pointing to a free phone tomorrow. First of all, increased conference cost and decreased swag. Not necessarily an indication, but I would imagine the phone costs about what the price of admission went up by.

Developers have to always buy the latest phone. Going from 2G to 3G didn’t affect anyone’s upgrade eligibility because the 2G wasn’t subsidized. Going from 3G to 3GS was a little more rocky. Some developers were left in the lurch, but most didn’t have to wait long. Now the problem has gotten out of hand and compounded because the developers who waited to get the newest phone now are pushed back even further. AT&T announced they will be allowing some to upgrade, but I for one am not eligible.

Apple can nip this in the bud and make sure all the developers who need the phone have it by providing one tomorrow. Not only that, but since everyone can skip an upgrade cycle, next time Apple can stick to the low conference price and shitty bags.

Update: iPhone 4 is a much better name. Glad iChat isn’t standalone and is instead a feature of the phone. Game changing… iBooks for iPhone. No turn-by-turn…although that’s definitely in the pipeline. And damn, no free phone.