iPhone Copy/Paste

August 2, 2008 Zac White mine software

I created an open source project for iPhoneDevCamp 2. It allows cross application copy and paste.

Basically, all you have to do to get the benefits is include a few classes and use the very simple API to copy data or paste data. The special part is cross application. Copy a cocktail in Cocktails and paste it into MagicPad (Video of this in action).

There are some limitations. This technically complies with all Apple agreements. It is completely possible that apps that use this wouldn’t get on the App Store. Not for any real reason other than it will eventually step on Apple’s toes. It is also conceivable that the technology this is built on will break in the future. The hope is that the update that breaks this also brings copy and paste support. :)

If you are interested in looking at some code, send me an email to

Update: Ok people. Go download the code at Willing to hear name ideas :)

Update 2: Video:

Ignore all that.

Update 3: Site is up. Check out


January 19, 2007 Zac White random
  • Die Hard 1
  • Die Hard 2
  • Die Hard 3
  • Die Hard 4 / Four Rooms
  • Fifth Element
  • The Sixth Sense
  • Lucky Number S7evin
  • ???
  • The Whole Nine Yards
  • The Whole Ten Yards
  • ???
  • Ocean’s Twelve / Twelve Monkeys
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • 16 Blocks

Come on Bruce…fill in the rest.


January 10, 2007 Zac White apple

Absolutely awesome. I was thinking about all the product announcements I have seen from Apple and what my reactions to them were. They would come out with a Mac and my reaction would be something like “Oh man, that would be nice to have! I wish I had the money for that.” But this is different. I really want this thing…

Here is my only beef.


I have a billion and a half ideas for this thing and it is closed. Why would “Apple Inc.” do that? It seems that they could sell a lot more units if we could make totally amazing software for it. No doubt that if they opened it, it would have a bunch of crap applications on it…but that isn’t a reason to close it. Maybe they are afraid of some kind of Skype or Gizmo that would screw with their deal with Cingular. But you have to buy 2 years anyway so I don’t understand. People at least want games for this, but Apple doesn’t even have those…


WWDC Poster

August 16, 2006 Zac White apple school tronics

In case anyone is interested, I did a poster for the WWDC scientific poster session on the Mac based rover I worked on. Maybe we’ll get written up on the Apple webpage, or get into the newsletter! That would be cool. Apple is eventually going to put up PDFs of the posters, but until then, here it is all zipped up.

Poster PDF (zip 5.46MB).


August 9, 2006 Zac White apple events

Oh man. WWDC is amazing. How to begin…

First off, I’m learning so much. Every session I go to gets me so excited about the future of the Mac platform. They are taking it the the absolute right direction. The tools they are giving us are going to put this great power right at our fingertips to just make amazing applications. One thing that is going to really change the way a lot of us do things is Core Animation. This is a great little framework that is going to allow for some beautiful interface elements. I personally can’t wait until we are in a Leopard only environment.

Last night was Stump The Experts. Let me say that this was an absolute blast. The basic format is there is a panel of “experts” (usually past or present Apple employees) and they ask questions of the audience and get questions asked of them from the audience. Answers answered correctly get points. Of course it isn’t exactly a structured game show, so there is a lot of room for fun along the way. My hostel roommate “stumped” the experts by asking how Viennese people joyfully say “I have an apple!”. Next year I will have a dizzying battery of questions and will not only stump, they will mystify.

San Francisco is great city. It is beautiful and there is a huge range of people here. I am meeting so many neat people at my hostel. Chad was from Australia and has been on a 7 week tour of the US by jumping from city to city. He gets great satisfaction from shooting Kangaroos. I instructed him to shoot one for me. My roommate goes to a technical university in Vienna and a couple other attendees I know are from Norway. This is truly a multi-culteral affair. As I write this, the man next to me is speaking a language I really have never heard before.

I have taken some pictures and I will try to post them somewhere and update this to link to them. I have to go now because my next session is starting soon. I can tell you this right now though. I am coming back next year.

Circuit Design With Quartz Composer

May 23, 2006 Zac White random software

You didn’t think it would be done, did you? You didn’t think one person would have enough free time, boredom, and sheer ingenuity to do it, but I did.

The other day I sat down to write an entry to the esteemed contest, ironcoder. This was short lived however, because I got sucked in by a virtually unknown gem of 10.4: Quartz Composer. I was browsing around dragging random ‘patches’ into the canvas, when I saw an innocuous line in the patch library.

This little patch holds the same power that started the computer revolution. Armed with my limited digital design knowledge, I set out to create some well known circuits from within Quartz Composer. I started out building a full adder. This takes three inputs and produces two outputs. When you chain these together, you can make an N bit adder. You have one in your CPU right now, chugging away at thousands of operations a second.

This allowed me to string them together to create a 4 bit adder.

This produces the following output:

After this I knew what I had to do. I had to create the foundation of modern computer storage…the flip flop. This little guy holds a bit (binary digit) indefinitely. If you want a fast way to store data close to a processor…this is the way to do it.

CPUs have things called registers that are basically a bank of flip flops with some logic to do different operations. So my next task was to create something like that. Because of a limitation with Quartz Composer (it can’t do recursion), I had to not implement some features I wanted to. I ended up with a parallel load register that could ‘hold’, ‘load’, and ‘clear’.

I then plugged that register into a small test flow that would print out the contents.

And it produces the following output when you hold the load line high on the next rising edge of the clock:

So there you have it. The escapades of a bored college student. Mess around with the following stuff and email me (zacwhite at or IM me (cubeman) if you make some modifications.


10 Apps

April 23, 2006 Zac White apple software

So Mike has called me out and here it is. We pretty much have the same app taste.

There are some more that I don’t really like to mention. Like, LispWorks (for work) and Word (for school). I think a more interesting list would be the apps in the 10th through the 20th place. Definitely one of those would be Webnote Happy Lite. I’m starting to use it to store the links I want to eventually get back to. Give it a try.